Insights From Our CEO Linda Palanza Shared in RIS News

Pivoting to Serve and Survive—

In addition to the grit shown by the entire retail sector, business and technical agility are at the center of effective responses confronting COVID-19. Retailers still forced to the sidelines have a powerful sense of urgency to define their path that reclaims lost territory against industry disruptors, including Amazon.

Unfathomable “chinks” in their armor with delayed deliveries, precarious inventory shortages, and an unclear supply chain challenged consumer confidence and ravaged expectations. But the window to act will be narrow. 

No one could have anticipated the staggering reality thrust on global retailers over a matter of days. Agility to pivot to new, rapidly defined, quickly tested business models went from conversation to critical for survival.

Go-to-market and thought leadership strategist empowering OneView teams to bring exceptional products to market. She brings significant experience in technology marketing for complex enterprise products including working as a consultant for companies ranging from startups to global entities.

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