Cloud Headless Commerce Architecture

The Next-Gen Retail Architecture That
Puts You In Control

With OneView’s headless commerce framework, get control and agility to transform store services and customer experiences with a digital store tech stack. Rapidly build, test and own your most critical customer experiences without disrupting your legacy footprint.

“Using OneView’s platform helps us create a seamless associate experience through guided processes and simplified training—ultimately reducing our customer wait times.”

– Sriram Samu, Customer Technology Vice President at Kroger

With OneView, Kroger’s Build, Test and Learn Delivers for the Business

Effective next-generation store strategy doesn’t isolate focus on ‘lanes’, but instead, zeroes in on customer-first engagement where retailers respond immediately with relevant, critical interaction anywhere. As became evident during COVID-19, the ability to pivot in response to fast-changing shopper behaviors is the backbone of a well executed strategy.

By empowering control and innovation, OneView enables Kroger to predict customer preferences and respond with experiences that work.

Build it Once, Use it Anywhere

OneView provides the headless commerce transaction engine that allows a single innovation team to build user experiences and deploy them across any customer touchpoints. Even with complex infrastructure of traditional, mobile, kiosk and self-service, this positions retailers like Kroger to deliver unique experiences from a single code base but keep channel relevancy front and center.

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Agile Development
  • Speed to Innovation
  • Technology Control
  • Leverage Legacy Assets
  • Cloud Native

Chart an Achievable Strategy to Unified Commerce

Rapidly get to market with fast-start SaaS solutions that solve today’s biggest pains, or leverage the platform tools to build your unique experience

Modernize Your Tech Stack and Chart Your Own Course to Retire Legacy Tech Debt

With exploding digital expectations, you can no longer ignore the costs of legacy systems technical debt. Attempts to ‘workaround’ legacy limitations leads to disjointed customer experiences and regret spend at scale. A next-gen unified commerce strategy empowers you to meet continuous shifts in shopper demand and leaves you firmly in control of brand engagement at every touchpoint.

OneView’s scalable headless commerce transaction engine plus API-first and microservices architecture have been built to handle the complexities of in-store operations including cash management, point of sale, mobility, associate optimization, online orders, pickups, last mile and more as commerce boundaries rapidly disappear.

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  • Eliminate Friction at Every Touchpoint
  • Empower Customer Engagement
  • Extend or Replace Legacy Systems