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Unified Commerce Platform

OneView Commerce’s retailer-proven unified transaction engine abstracts basket creation, calculation, and checkout functions from siloed, disparate store and commerce systems empowering innovators like Kroger and Australia Post to deliver brand differentiation through exceptional customer experiences. Read more about how OneView Commerce Transaction empowers retailers to rapidly scale digital engagement with total control.

The Digital Platform for Rapid Retail Innovation

With OneView Commerce’s headless transaction engine and Zebra’s innovative mobile technologies, you can easily build, scale, and launch new digital retail services for curbside pickups, mobile point of sale, self-scanning, and more. Learn more about how OneView Commerce and Zebra’s Android touchscreen devices work together to put digital commerce solutions at anyone’s fingertips.

Efficient Point of Sale Solutions

OneView’s POS solutions unlock the freedom to quickly implement and scale modern checkout experiences that combine comprehensive point of sale functions with cross-channel engagement to relieve the constraints of legacy, siloed POS systems. Learn more about how OneView transforms retail technology with retailer-proven solutions built on a Unified Commerce Transaction Engine.

Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

OneView Commerce transforms POS solutions to create frictionless checkout experiences that minimizes basket abandonment across diverse omnichannel experiences. Discover how to leverage OneView’s Unified Commerce Transaction Engine to eliminate legacy constraints and enable engaging mobile checkout experiences.

Promotions Engine

OneView’s Promotions Management engine leverages high-value data on buyer behavior, conversion statistics, and products to enable retailers to expand engagement and enhance customer experiences. Learn more about how OneView Commerce’s solutions transform customer service, transform customer engagement and capture actionable data for all retail channels.

Unified Inventory Management

OneView’s cloud-based Unified Inventory Management solution reduces lost sales with accurate real-time stock balances, incoming product availability and fulfillment options. Learn more about how OneView Commerce’s solutions frees retailers from dependency on siloed legacy systems that don’t share data across the omnichannel ecosystem of stores, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Cloud-Native Pickup and Delivery Solutions for Modern Retail

Executing store pickups, curbside and delivery with brand resonance, scalability and resilience are indispensable for driving brand loyalty. Read further about how OneView’s Pickup + Delivery solution is the fastest route to optimize these experiences for both your shoppers and associates.

Australia Post’s Point of Sales Transformation

Learn about how OneView Commerce leveraged Agile methodologies, continuous delivery and test-driven development to give Australia Post control over the speed of innovation, separating traditional constraints retailers face due to dependency on software vendors. OneView instituted OneView-powered mobile solutions in stores within months of the identification of the first use case and rolled out into hundreds of stores months later.

5 Major Benefits to Modern POS Systems – OneView

There are five major benefits to modern POS systems: capability to compete, agility that only comes from headless commerce, asset of enterprise-grade cloud partners, and total control for exponential growth. Dive further into learning how point of sale should empower you to focus on your brand, customers, and growth while it provides you with a technology solution that scales with you.

Point of sale just takes too long

The challenges of meeting digital expectations and fast-evolving consumer preferences with legacy POS are becoming ever more present pain points for the modern retailer. Read more about these challenges and how headless retail frameworks can deliver desired digital experiences without disruption.

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