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Put Checkout in the Palm of Your Hand

Don’t risk brand loyalty with gaps between digital and in-store experiences, especially when it comes to completing transactions. Outdated technology that limits the places where customers can checkout stifles service quality, diminishes the in-store experience, and negatively impacts customer satisfaction.

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Unified Inventory Retail Accelerator

Ensure Omnichannel Sales Success! today’s buy-it-now shopper is short on time and patience. Stockouts drive frustrated buyers to other brands in search of a hassle-free, fluid omnichannel shopping experience that meets their unflinching demand.

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2021 POS & Customer Engagement Report

The COVID-19 pandemic during 2020 forced retailers to pivot from existing plans and completely revamp their processes and, in many cases, technology to adapt to new customer shopping habits that were shaped by social distancing guidelines and temporary closures of non-essential retail businesses.

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A single source of promotions to align the omnichannel customer journey

The more you know about your customer’s shopping behaviors the more effectively you can engage and reward them with custom promotions that will interest them and drive revenue, manage inventory and foster loyalty.

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Pickup and Delivery

Retailers, including market leaders like Kroger, Walmart, Albertsons and Target, are transforming the retail landscape with exceptional digital execution, leading to digital growth of 200+% with key experiences like store pickups, curbside and delivery. These phenomenal growth metrics are positioned to continue.

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Unified Commerce Datasheet

Powering Retail Acceleration, short-term, reactionary-driven responses to customer preferences and behaviors are not a viable option for retailers protecting vital market share. Rather, extending engagement to any place in the buying journey is how retailers remain relevant and successful.

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Point of sale just takes too long

Retailers should implement a headless framework to gain control of their digital and in-store commerce stack and meet customer expectations

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Case Study: Australia Post

With outlets in 4000+ communities and a trusted brand throughout the country, the Australia Post vision was to extend the relationship with their customers beyond the currently offered trusted services such as postage, bill pay and banking to embrace more complex interactions that begin at home and are completed in store.

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In Store Checkout

To deliver “the anytime, anywhere” shopping experience that customers expect, retailers can’t afford to falter when completing purchases at checkout. Limitations from legacy, siloed, homegrown, or outgrown store solutions can derail a personalized customer experience and sacrifice precious loyalty.

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The Digital Platform for Rapid Retail Innovation

With OneView Commerce’s headless transaction engine and Zebra’s innovative mobile technologies, you can easily build, scale, and launch new digital retail services for curbside pickups, mobile point of sale, self-scanning, and more.

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Enterprise Architect Blueprint Digital Transformation

In order to survive continual disruption, retailers have little choice but to embrace change and transform their businesses quickly as they are able. While there is no standard recipe, there are practical steps that businesses can take to accelerate their their transformation journey.

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5 Core Values for Modern Store Systems

As an innovative and fast-growing retailer, the challenges to remain competitive in today’s landscape is not just challenging but daunting. Your store systems should empower you to focus on your brand, customers, and growth while it provides you with a technology solution that scales with you.

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