Australia Post’s Point of Sale Transformation

Australia Post achieved an incredible transformation in their customer experience thanks to OneView. With the help of OneView's Digital Store, the organization could quickly extend its brand's reach and enable new omnichannel interactions such as extended catalogs and efficient order management. Additionally, their flexibility was bolstered by OneView's agile tools for continuous delivery and test-driven development, leading to incredibly fast mobile solutions rolled out within months. Discover how OneView can help your business reach new heights of success - Download our Australia Post case study to learn more.

With outlets in 4000+ communities and a trusted brand throughout the country, the Australia Post vision was to extend the relationship with their customers beyond the currently offered trusted services such as postage, bill pay and banking to embrace more complex interactions that begin at home and are completed in store. This included business strategies that would enable key omnichannel interactions such as extended catalogs to bring a wider assortment of products to the local and rural communities and thereby extend the reach of the Australia Post brand. 

The Objective

The program objective was to prioritize high-value customer experience improvements, rapidly extend the interaction using the OneView Digital Store, quickly deliver to stores, and then learn and adapt based on real customer interaction. 

The Solution: OneView’s Headless Unified Commerce Platform

With OneView’s ability to leverage Agile methodologies, continuous delivery and test-driven development, the speed of innovation was fully in Australia Post’s control and eliminated the traditional constraints retailers face due to dependency on the software vendor. Australia Post had their OneView-powered mobile solution in stores within months of the identification of the first use case and was rolling out to hundreds of stores just months later.

The OneView solution fits well with our goals to expand and transform the sales and service capabilities at our outlets.

David McNamara, General Manager Rural & Regional and Post Office Network

Transforming Experience

Australia Post has a clear commitment to deliver a flexible and sustainable post office and delivery network that is equipped to service an increasingly digital community. The primary must-have requirement further guides their customer experience strategy: build it once, use it everywhere. 

The Improvements Made

OneView differentiated itself as the partner of choice by enabling Australia Post to use the same platform for mobile line busting, counter-based point of sale, kiosk, self-service terminals, and to empower the 10,000 team member postal delivery network. With OneView’s headless application architecture, Australia Post has complete control of the user experience which can be tailored to each interaction driven from a single retail transaction engine. 

The Results: Improved Customer Experience Using Omnichannel POS

Australia Post can now handle traditional retail, mobile and omnichannel use cases while controlling the integration to critical third party and custom services that provide the “secret sauce” to their experience. 

It was this capability in architecture and product design that differentiated OneView. The deployed solution allows elimination of over a dozen silos that were maintained to deliver existing services to customers. Going forward, Australia Post now uses OneView services to:

  • build new microservices that provide Australia Post expanded functions
  • leverage high-value existing legacy services to create robust, seamless customer experiences. 

The flexibility in the OneView design allows Australia Post to strategically determine which interactions are transformed versus uplifted and enables transformation spending to be targeted to where the customer will derive the most value from the experience and interaction with the brand

Increasing Brand Loyalty and Improved Outcomes with the Help of OneView Commerce

Beginning in the journey mapping and discovery stage, Australia Post embraced OneView as the engine to empower them to execute on strategies to maintain market share without reducing the expansive retail footprint that serves their communities. 

The detailed customer journey information provided by OneView enables Australia Post to understand and predict their customers’ behaviors and place this vital information in the hands of the store associates allowing them to provide insights and offers that will increase customer loyalty. In addition, having key customer history at their fingertips ensures associates can effectively engage customers more deeply, service and sell, cross-sell and up-sell more efficiently, and become more knowledgeable with less training. The resulting highly personalized customer shopping experience delivers on Australia Post’s core objective — increasing loyalty and brand affinity.

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