Cloud-Native Pickup and Delivery Solutions for Modern Retail

OneView’s Pickup and Delivery solutions are the key to unlocking faster, more efficient, and customer-centric delivery experiences. With features like order tracking, fulfillment and customer handoff on any mobile device, optimized workflows for pickup & delivery, and tools for managers to monitor progress and order flow from anywhere - customers are sure to experience a seamless shopping journey from start to finish. Download our Pickup and Delivery resource to learn more.

Helping Retailers Stay Agile and Grow Brand Loyalty

Retailers, including market leaders like Kroger, Walmart, Albertsons and Target, are transforming the retail landscape with exceptional digital execution, leading to digital growth of 200+% with key experiences like store pickups, curbside and delivery. These phenomenal growth metrics are positioned to continue to explode as the convenience of pickup and delivery moves to the mainstream shopper population.

How OneView Commerce Can Help

Executing these services with brand resonance, scalability and resilience are indispensable for driving brand loyalty. OneView’s Pickup + Delivery solution is the fastest route to optimize these experiences for both your shoppers and associates. OneView Pickup + Delivery makes order tracking, fulfillment, and customer service highly efficient on any mobile device. We offer solutions for better

  • Order Management
  • Order flow from any device
  • Pick/Pack 
  • Fulfillment progress
  • Customer Handoff
  • Workflow optimization

Optimizing Pickup + Delivery Workflows

OneView provides robust capabilities to manage and scale your pickup and delivery operation. Supporting store fulfillment with easy-to-use functions and enabling “make it right” features throughout the process from picking to order completion.

Deliver Brand Engagement that Resonates — Fast 

OneView offers a  portfolio of fast-start, ready-to-use SaaS commerce experiences. We enable rapid execution of physical and digital interactions, powered by our Unified Commerce Transaction Engine. 

You can leverage these retailer-proven experiences out-of-the-box, or use them as a template to guide you as you take headless control and efficiently deliver unique brand experiences meeting customer demands and strategic objectives.

Reduce Friction in Order Management

With Oneview, online orders can be automatically consumed from any source to immediately provide a contextual view of order flow for every store or warehouse

  • Staff can filter and search orders by date, location, status, time, customer ID and order number. As well as employ advanced filters like SKU, barcode, quantity range and pick-up time. 
  • Picklists are automatically created for your fulfillment team with features that regulate who has control of an in-progress pick, as well as how the items are bagged and stored.
  • Progression of orders through the fulfillment cycle is tracked in real-time including updates of when pick, pack, staging, expected handoff, in progress and completed. 

Pick + Pack Solutions for Your Associates

Your fulfillment team views orders sent to the store and can quickly filter them by their status: Not picked, In Progress and Completed. Each order provides key details including customer name, phone number, pickup date and time, and the entire list of products ordered. 

  • Working from the efficient, easy-to-navigate picklist, pickers can quickly locate and confirm items as well as reverse selections with simple functions when needed.
  • Out-of-stock items are identified; substitutes can be provided based on staff selection or your chosen substitution data. 
  • Substitutions can include customer notification, review and confirmation with simple functions to remove items from the final transaction during handover when required.
  • Weighted products are easily handled and recorded to complete orders. 
  • The pick process can be canceled at any time. 
  • To ensure a smooth handover, the pick process includes the creation of containers and staging IDs to ensure all items of a customer’s order are tracked and managed. 
  • The staging location of each container is recorded for a smooth handoff of the fulfillment process to your delivery/pickup personnel.

Create Delight at the Customer Handoff

  • Quick, efficient handoff can be supported curbside, in-store or at the doorstep.
  • Support for location services to identify customers’ proximity to pick up as well as waiting location ensures that your store personnel can work as quickly as possible. 
  • A pickup barcode can be used in-store or to verify a full contactless pickup. 
  • Handover is quick and efficient as your staff can readily locate the containers based on the staging locations and have a precise view of the customer location. 
  • Substitutions can be reviewed in person, if desired, making adjustments for any items as needed. 
  • Discounts, coupons and promotions can be applied right at the curb or doorstep.
  • Age-restricted products are efficiently managed with retailer-defined ID verification.
  • Extend service even further with Pay at Curb enabling your associates to accept payment at the time of pickup including SNAP/EBT, cash, cards, digital and more.

Empower associates with a continuous view of orders and easy-to-use workflows to pick, pack and handover to customers.

When customers engage in both our in-store and online modalities, we see a 98% retention rate within our ecosystem, highlighting how sticky our customer engagement is

Rodney McMullen, CEO, The Kroger Company

Success Stories: Scaling Exceptional Pickup Experiences at Kroger

Kroger is using OneView to create the digital pathway that transforms in-store and customer experiences. Their team is powering pickups with our unified commerce transaction engine that abstracts basket creation, calculation, and checkout functions from their siloed, disparate store and commerce system. Using OneView enables improvements, including:

  • Control over experience development enables Kroger teams to provide a guided, workflow-friendly process that decreases transaction friction and customer wait times.
  • Decreased associate training time and costs
  • Untethered access to all commerce functions currently locked in black box legacy store systems. 
  • The fast expansion of scaled pickup experiences across the brand and partner locations. 
  • Empowering delivery using a single codebase to enable fulfillment at and delivery from Kroger’s Ocado distribution centers with the same handoff features used for store pickup.

Retail Engagement — Accelerated

OneView Retail Saas Suite is a portfolio of fast-start, ready-to-use commerce experiences that enable rapid execution of digital-to-store engagement for businesses ready to modernize and scale to meet current and future customer and associate needs.

• In-Store, Mobile + Omnichannel Point of Sale 

• Pick + Pack 

• Pickup + Delivery 

• Unified Inventory 

• Distributed Order Management

Who is OneView Commerce

OneView Commerce transforms retail technology with retailer-proven solutions built on a Unified Commerce Transaction Engine that empowers shopper engagement from “click-to-brick.” Increase your speed of innovation with our cloud-native, API-first architecture and headless experience UI powering next-generation SaaS store solutions. Modernize your tech stack and maintain complete control of transactions and data to protect brand loyalty. Get in touch today to learn about our free trial and fast-start programs.

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