Efficient Point of Sale Solutions

Bring relevance to associates and customers with cloud-native checkout. Easily implement and scale modern experiences with comprehensive point-of-sale functions and feature-rich cross-channel engagement while quickly transcending legacy limitations. Benefit from advanced store operations management, flexible payment methods, streamlined checkout across hardware, and accelerated retail experience development. Continue reading to learn more.

The Power to Punctuate a Positive Customer Experience

To deliver “the anytime, anywhere” shopping experience that customers expect, retailers can’t afford to falter when completing purchases at checkout. Limitations from legacy, siloed, homegrown, or outgrown store solutions can derail a personalized customer experience and sacrifice precious loyalty. OneView’s POS solutions unlock the freedom to quickly implement and scale modern checkout experiences that combine comprehensive point of sale functions with feature-rich cross channel engagement that easily transcends the constraints of existing in-store systems.

Modern Point of Sale Functionality

OneView’s Unified Commerce platform abstracts basket creation, calculation and checkout functions from siloed, disparate store and commerce systems. We empower retailers to implement and scale self, mobile, traditional, and automated checkout solutions. 

  • Create relevance at every touchpoint with a cloud-native transaction engine to combine comprehensive point of sale (POS) functions with feature-rich digital experiences for pickups, customer apps, delivery and more 
  • Serve customers in traditional lanes, mobile line busting, at the curb or doorstep
  • Streamline customer engagement across the journey including scan & go, pickups, social and more.

Retail Experience Development — Accelerated

OneView’s SaaS solutions are a portfolio of fast-start, ready-to-use commerce experiences that enable rapid execution of digital-to-store engagement 

  • In-Store, Mobile + Omnichannel Point of Sale 
  • Pick + Pack 
  • Pickup + Delivery 
  • Unified Inventory 
  • Distributed Order Management

Purpose-Built POS Technology for In-Store Engagement

  • Complete offline capability to execute anywhere in or around the store 
  • Comprehensive card, cash and digital tenders 
  • Continuous basket calculation and management as promotions are applied
  • Split tenders and void items, transactions or payments 
  • Efficient return management

Comprehensive Store Operations Management

In addition to convenient checkout processes, OneView’s complete store operations management comprises: 

  • Enterprise promotions to track and reward loyalty, including complex pricing models and promotion types 
  • Unified inventory management that tracks every buy, sell, and receipt of new stock, including in-progress transactions, for real-time accuracy customers can depend on
  • Powerful cash management functions that support even the most complex store estates with full till management, store opening and closing, plus comprehensive banking management and administration 
  • Breakthrough the in-store tech black box by injecting modern-cloud-native, microservices-driven technology into the tech stack that aligns each checkout experience to customer expectations and preferences 
  • Optimized associate-shopper interaction that drives engagement, provides cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and access to an endless aisle to energize the in-store experience with powerful customer services and save the sale tools

Empower associates with up-to-the-minute inventory data in every transaction

Optimize All Payment Methods Across Channels

OneView Point of Sale serves customers by accepting all preferred payment types at any given time and place—in traditional lanes, at self-service, in the aisle, at the curb or the doorstep. 

  • Easily configurable payment options and gain fast access to transaction data after every sale to ensure satisfied customers and accurate, in-depth customer insights 
  • Accept credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, SNAP and EBT payments in every channel, including mobile and traditional lanes, intuitive, easy-to-use checkout options and pay at curb 
  • Out-of-the-box integration with leading payment providers driven by cloud-based API-first architecture

A single codebase and hardware agnostic architecture provide unlimited device options

Streamline Checkout Across New and Existing Hardware

OneView’s API-first integration framework is hardware and software agnostic, allowing you to choose any device that fulfills your digital transformation objectives by use case. 

Leverage modern mobile devices, kiosks, or existing hardware solutions to maximize your experiences and return on investment. 

  • Take advantage of a lighter and more agile footprint with hand-held mobile devices and tablets to serve your customers at any point of commerce and dramatically reduce wait time 
  • Checkout solutions that easily integrate across the enterprise, creating holistic commerce engagement that synchronizes in-store, pickup and delivery, order management and CRM 
  • Comprehensive dashboard sharing all KPIs needed to service and track e-commerce to store engagement 
  • Option to deploy on legacy hardware to leverage existing investments with an improved customer experience

OneView Helps to Deliver Brand Engagement that Resonates — Fast 

Our portfolio of fast-start, ready-to-use commerce experiences enable rapid execution of physical and digital interactions, powered by our Unified Commerce Transaction Engine. 

Leverage these retailer-proven SaaS experiences out-of-the-box or use them as a template, as you take headless control and efficiently deliver unique brand experiences that answer your specific customer demands and strategic objectives.

OneView transforms retail technology with retailer-proven solutions built on a Unified Commerce Transaction Engine that empowers shopper engagement from “click-to-brick.” Increase your speed of innovation with our cloud-native, API-first architecture and headless experience UI powering next-generation SaaS store solutions. Modernize your tech stack and maintain complete control of transactions and data to protect brand loyalty. Get in touch today to learn about our free trial and fast-start programs

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