Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Efficiently move checkout to the moment of intent for exceptional customer experiences that help to build brand loyalty and grow conversions with OneView's Mobile Point of Sale. Benefit from modern point-of-sale functionality, purpose-built for in-store engagement and comprehensive store operations management that supports all payment methods across channels. Streamline checkout across new and existing hardware while creating relevance at every touchpoint with a cloud-native transaction engine. Learn more with our Point of Sale free resource.

Put Checkout in the Palm of Your Hand

Don’t risk brand loyalty with gaps between digital and in-store experiences, especially when it comes to completing transactions. Outdated point of sale technology that limits the places where customers can checkout stifles service quality, diminishes the in-store experience, and negatively impacts customer satisfaction.

Optimize and Gain Agility with Mobile Checkout for Your Customers

Mobile Checkout opens the door to shift the point of sale beyond fixed registers and store lanes to deliver high-quality service wherever customers want to pay—in the aisle, at the curb, self-service kiosks, or anywhere. Plus, a frictionless checkout experience minimizes basket abandonment by moving transaction completion to the “moment of action” across diverse omnichannel experiences.

Point of Sale Solutions You Need, Exceptional Experiences Customers Demand

Leveraging OneView’s Unified Commerce Transaction Engine you can eliminate legacy constraints and enable engaging checkout experiences that go beyond traditional lanes, through mobile line busting, scan and go, and curbside. Put enterprise-grade, hardware-agnostic point of sale capabilities right in the palm of your associates’ hands:

  • Quickly find, add and manage products
  • See product details, customer preferences and loyalty insights
  • Continuous basket calculations for every product, promotion or adjustment
  • Rapidly create and manage promotions and discounts
  • Comprehensive physical and digital tenders (including SNAP/EBT, gift cards)
  • Payment processing integration (Ayden, Aurus)
  • Split tenders, digital wallets and available loyalty integration
  • Easily void items, transactions, or payments
  • Efficiently manage return processes
  • Digital and physical receipt management

Checkout Flexibility Delivers Measurable Return

OneView’s Mobile point of sale is powered by our feature-rich transaction engine to offer the full range of adjustment options, such as coupons and discounts, add items, reject items, payment methods, etc.

OneView Commerce Retailer Success Stories

  • High-traffic retailers like Kroger use Mobile Checkout to power pay-at-curb, ensuring that payment of online orders picked up at the curb is efficient, fast and accurate.
  • Australia Post uses Mobile Checkout for in-store line busting to better manage peak traffic by allowing associates to efficiently serve more customers and process sales faster.
  • Associates who are untethered from registers can easily use Mobile Checkout for guided selling, to aid product selection, drive add-on sales, and support greater engagement.
  • Scan and go allows customers to build their basket and checkout as they browse the store. This experience is especially beneficial in maximizing staff utilization by reducing overhead without sacrificing the quality of service.

OneView enables Australia Post to deliver meaningful innovation to stores with agility and speed, creating flexible, streamlined customer and back office transactions, while improving data accuracy.

Australia Post, OneView Client

Deliver Brand Engagement that Resonates — Fast

OneView Retail Accelerators, our portfolio of fast-start, ready-to-use commerce experiences, enable rapid execution of physical and digital interactions, powered by our Unified Commerce Transaction Engine. Leverage these retailer- roven experiences out-of-the-box or use them as a template, as you take headless control and efficiently deliver unique brand experiences that answer your specific customer demands and strategic objectives.

Powerful Associate-Shopper Engagement that Delivers ROI

  • Mobile Checkout with the flexibility to leverage handheld devices or tablets mean they are easier and far less expensive to set up and staff than traditional point of sale lanes. Powered by a single unified commerce engine, one codebase powers every checkout experience and eliminates costly silos.
  • Integration with unified inventory ensures associates have immediate access to accurate counts, to find in-stock items, recommend alternatives, look up prices, and offer “ship to” services for out-of-stock items.
  • With a consistent view of real-time data on inventory and access to a customer’s purchase history, associates can intelligently cross-sell and upsell aligned with customer interest and needs.
  • Powerful promotion management—from promotion setup to execution—ensures you can incentivize customers based on the contents of their basket, basket value, or any other promotional trigger across every omnichannel touchpoint including mobile checkout.
  • Quickly offer mobile checkout without complex backend integration. Consumption of OneView’s unified commerce transaction log means every transaction, regardless of the channel, is immediately available for reconciliation. This keeps all systems in sync and eliminates data “dark spots” that negatively impact experiences.

Retail Engagement — Accelerated

OneView Retail SaaS Suite is a portfolio of fast-start, ready-to-use commerce experiences that enable rapid execution of digital-to-store engagement.

  • In-Store, Mobile + Omnichannel Checkout
  • Pick + Pack
  • Pickup + Delivery
  • Unified Inventory
  • Distributed Order Management

OneView Commerce Offers Headless Commerce Architecture for the Future Growth of Your Business

OneView Commerce transforms retail technology with powerful, retailer-proven solutions built on a Unified Commerce Transaction Engine that enables shopper engagement from “click to brick.” Increase your speed of innovation with our cloud-native, API-first architecture and headless experience control that empowers you to rapidly scale digital engagement while maintaining complete control of transactions and data to protect your brand loyalty. Get in touch today to learn about our free trial and fast-start programs.

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  • Eliminate Friction at Every Touchpoint
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