Unified Commerce Datasheet

Retailers need a solution to execute transactions quickly and efficiently across all channels. Oneview’s Unified Commerce platform synthesizes data and transaction execution to the omnichannel ‘moment of action,’ allowing retailers to engage with customers wherever they are. Continue reading to learn more.

Powering Retail SaaS Solutions with a Modern Headless Unified Commerce Platform

Short-term, reactionary-driven responses to customer preferences and behaviors are not a viable option for retailers protecting vital market share. Rather, extending engagement to any place in the buying journey is how retailers remain relevant and successful. 

Agility—rapidly delivering new shopping experiences that respond to fast-changing consumer preferences—is the key to success. The right technology overcomes legacy constraints and unlocks store technology from static checkout lanes straight into the hands of customers and associates for click-to-brick engagement that scales. 

Powerful Unified Commerce for Engagement Everywhere

The OneView Unified Commerce Platform is a powerful combination of our Transaction Engine, Framework Services, and SaaS Solutions that synthesize data and transaction execution to the omnichannel ‘moment of action’ across complex store and digital landscapes. 

Our retailer-proven unified transaction engine abstracts basket creation, calculation, and checkout functions from siloed, disparate store and commerce systems empowering innovators like Kroger and Australia Post to deliver brand differentiation through exceptional customer experiences. When combined with our Framework Services and SaaS Solutions, retailers of all sizes can attain this digital reach into stores to improve inventory accuracy and gain actionable insights into active baskets with every product scan. OneView Unified Commerce enables your team to secure brand loyalty and increase revenues as they respond to shopper preferences, behaviors, and market forces.

Discover the Advantages of the Cloud-Native OneView Unified Transaction Engine

Retail and technology. Retail as a Service.
  • Abstracts basket creation, calculation, and checkout functions from siloed, disparate store and commerce systems.
  • Maximizes data insights into in-progress omnichannel transactions to improve inventory accuracy, reduce substitutions and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Works alongside legacy systems and integrates to all backend solutions.
  • Built on a cloud-native, API-first architecture that aligns with the existing in-store tech stack by providing cloud services for all “black box” functions locked in legacy systems. Including basket creation, checkout, pay anywhere, and cash management.
  • Powers creation, execution, and scale of meaningful digital engagement at any point in your customers’ journey.

Using OneView’s platform, we continue to deliver an innovative associate experience… The solution helps us create a seamless associate experience through guided processes and simplified training—ultimately reducing our customer wait times.

– Sriram Samu, Customer Technology Vice President at Kroger

Innovative OneView Framework Services

  • API-first architecture drives faster development and time-to-production.
  • Eliminates redundant development activity with ready access to hundreds of commerce microservices (search, manage products, add to basket, calculations, promotions, taxes, checkout, substitutions, payment, etc.) that power robust digital-to-store engagement.
  • Enables rapid delivery of brand-relevant, resilient commerce transactions.

Retail Experience Development — Accelerated

OneView Sass solutions are a portfolio of fast-start, ready-to-use commerce experiences that enable rapid execution of digital-to-store engagement for retailers ready to modernize their businesses with agile, powerful solutions that benefit their associates and customers alike.

  • In-Store, Mobile + Omnichannel Checkout
  • Pick + Pack
  • Pickup + Delivery
  • Unified Inventory
  • Distributed Order Management

OneView Offers Modern Commerce Platform Solutions That Encourage Brand Loyalty

OneView Commerce transforms retail technology with powerful, retailer-proven solutions built on a Unified Commerce Transaction Engine that enables shopper engagement from “click-to-brick.” Increase your speed of innovation with our cloud-native, API-first architecture and headless experience UI powering next-generation SaaS store solutions. Find control that empowers you to rapidly scale digital engagement while maintaining complete control of transactions and data to protect your brand loyalty.

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  • Eliminate Friction at Every Touchpoint
  • Empower Customer Engagement
  • Extend or Replace Legacy Systems