Unified Inventory Management

OneView's Unified Inventory provides an unparalleled level of inventory control and accuracy, giving you the confidence to make faster and more informed decisions. With its cloud-native, API-first microservices, OneView seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP system, allowing real-time visibility into inventory data and sales transactions - no matter how complex the setup is. This includes tracking of product, price, barcode, unit of measurement, and a multitude of other details from your ERP. Download our Unified Inventory resource to learn more.

Ensure Omnichannel Sales Success with Unified Inventory Management

Today’s buy-it-now shopper is short on time and patience. Stockouts drive frustrated buyers to other brands in search of a hassle-free, fluid omnichannel shopping experience that meets their unflinching demand.

OneView’s cloud-based Unified Inventory Management solution reduces lost sales with accurate real-time stock balances, incoming product availability and fulfillment options that free retailers from dependency on siloed legacy systems that don’t share data across the omnichannel ecosystem of stores, warehouses, and distribution centers. 

OneView Unified Inventory works in harmony with your existing ERP system acting as the system of record and repository for inventory data, while OneView tracks the real time trading data (sales, returns, transfers, etc.), enabling precise and accurate stock counts, locations, and availability. 

OneView’s Unified Commerce Platform Dashboard consumes and analyzes product, price, barcode, unit of measurement, and other detailed information from your ERP with its cloud-native, API-first microservices.

What Are the Modern Challenges for Retailers?

The difference between building increasingly elusive brand loyalty and losing it is in how agile and powerful your POS platform is in order to delight your customers and ease the everyday struggles of your associates.

Critical Inventory Questions Need Answers in Real Time

  • If an item isn’t on the shelf, is it in the stockroom, at receiving or in your returns? (in-store)
  • If an item isn’t available in the store, where is it available and how fast can it be delivered to your customer’s preferred delivery or pickup location? (ecosystem)
  • What items are running low or where is high demand expected to impact your replenishment planning? (stock management and store promotions)

Retail Experience Delivery — Accelerated

OneView SaaS Suite is a portfolio of fast-start, ready-to-use commerce experiences that enable rapid execution of digital-to-store engagement with customers and associates alike.

  • In-Store, Mobile + Omnichannel Point of Sale
  • Pick + Pack
  • Pickup + Delivery
  • Unified Inventory
  • Distributed Order Management

What Are the Benefits of OneView’s SaaS Store Solutions?

No longer living with slow, inefficient systems that can’t conform to what your business needs, when you need it. OneView’s SaaS empowers you to deliver responsive and innovative store engagement.

Get Precise Inventory and Efficient Order Management

OneView’s Unified Inventory Accelerator is a key component of our cloud-native, API-first Unified Commerce Platform used to:

  • Accept live incoming data for every buy, sell and return across your digitally native experiences (including calculations, discounts, promotions, recalculations and more).
  • Reveal accurate, rolled up (store, market, location group, corporate-designated location hierarchy) inventory balances across your omnichannel ecosystem including ATP, ATS, in-process picks, reserves, and holds.
  • Continuously monitor each store’s digital order flow for instant updates to inventory, alignment of substitutions and notification of stock issues.

Demand Driven Replenishment

  • Monitors inventory counts at the store level.
  • Ensures stock availability at market and global levels.
  • Stock that falls below determined business rules engages the replenishment engine to automatically create and send a purchase order to ERP for DC or vendor fulfillment.

ERP Order Update Cycle/Customer Communication Flow

  • IM submits an order to the ERP.
  • ERP sends order confirmation to the store (details the product availability).
  • ERP sends advanced shipping notification to the store when order is sent for delivery.
  • Stores receive and update on hand inventory, which immediately reflects in the Inventory Dashboard. Updated stock balances are pushed back to ERP for forecasting and planning.

When customers engage in both Kroger stores and online the retailer sees a 98% retention rate within its ecosystem, highlighting how sticky its customer engagement is.

Kroger, OneView Client

Without the right mix of products at the right time, retailers risk losing the sale and quite possibly, the customer. Unified inventory management is the fulcrum that balances the convenience of anywhere shopping (online/mobile/in- store) with the expectations of fulfillment (pickup/delivery). OneView Unified Inventory:

  • Empowers associates to deliver orders where and when customers expect them.
  • Makes it easier for associates to learn and use stock tracking features, especially important for seasonal and part- time employees.
  • Manages retail assets with detailed analysis and carefully controlled counts to avoid lost sales and deliver more revenue to the bottom line.
  • Simplifies counting processes to reduce or eliminate the need for a costly third-party counting service.
  • Tracks returns in real time to avoid unnecessary replenishment that causes overstock and shrinking margins.
  • Manages store replenishment with the ability to modify rules in response to changing trends and consumer behaviors.
  • Empowers planners and merchandisers with data for timely decision making.
  • Provides data which fuels embedded Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge performance by store, region and system.

Who is OneView Commerce

OneView Commerce transforms retail technology with retailer-proven solutions built on a Unified Commerce Transaction Engine that empowers shopper engagement from “click-to-brick.” Increase your speed of innovation with our cloud-native, API-first architecture and headless experience UI powering next-generation SaaS store solutions. Modernize your tech stack and maintain complete control of transactions and data to protect brand loyalty. Get in touch today to learn about our free trial and fast-start programs.

OneView Commerce transforms retail technology with powerful, retailer-proven solutions built on a Unified Commerce Transaction Engine that enables shopper engagement from “click-to-brick.” Increase your speed of innovation with our cloud-native, API-first architecture and headless experience control that empowers you to rapidly scale digital engagement while maintaining complete control of transactions and data to protect your brand loyalty. Get in touch today to learn about our free trial and fast-start programs.

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