A True Omnicommerce Retail Transaction Engine

Make frictionless retail anywhere a reality — now. Stop being held back by legacy systems and rapidly unify your commerce strategies to secure brand loyalty and drive revenue.

“Kroger’s overall digital sales grew 118% including delivery sales growth of 249% during its fourth-quarter 2020. When customers engage in both Kroger stores and online the retailer sees a 98% retention rate within its ecosystem, highlighting how sticky its customer engagement is.”

– Rodney McMullen, The Kroger Company

Personalize and Modernize Engagement

Enable your team to focus on adding your ‘secret sauce’ to every experience while OneView’s cloud-native, retail transaction engine handles all POS functions from add to cart to product search, basket calculations, inventorypromotions  and more without your team writing a single line of code.

Target commerce engagement across all POS touchpoints—fixed, mobile and self-service point of sale, omnichannel orders, delivery, and more.


Handle all retail transactions with the engine’s robust digital and in-store microservices library. Enable critical point of sale functions, including cash management, tender types, returns, discounts, and associate workflow optimization.

Share one basket across the shopper journey to enable frictionless entry into the buying journey as it suits customer preferences.


Modern API-first integration layer to purposefully integrate high-value technologies (IoT, AI, camera technology) into your retail transactions with AI-ready capabilities.

Unlock the black box of existing legacy POS and commerce systems to target digital transformation for the greatest return.


Differentiate & Delight

With our cloud-native retail transaction engine, differentiate your brand and delight customers everywhere with the power of a single commerce code base delivering relevant interactions at every point of sale.

Frictionless engagement at every touchpoint

Robust Feature-as-a-Service Library

Extend or Replace Existing Systems

Empower 360° customer engagement

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  • Eliminate Friction at Every Touchpoint
  • Empower Customer Engagement
  • Extend or Replace Legacy Systems